Tapiola wins award for best urban centre

17.5.2023 11.51

Tapiola’s large-scale development project is making steady progress. The metro station, bus terminal, underground parking facilities and extensive commercial services offered by the Ainoa and Länsituuli shopping centres have improved the accessibility, appeal and operating conditions of the commercial centre of Tapiola.

The national Elävät Kaupunkikeskustat (EKK) association grants an annual award for the most thriving urban centre. The award for 2023 was granted to Tapiola based on the large-scale development of its centre.

Aulis Tynkkynen, chair of the jury, describes the Tapiola project as follows:

“The centre of Tapiola has a lively atmosphere and thriving commercial services. Its development is based on a clear vision and a long-term plan. The best-known urban centre in Espoo has undergone a major transformation, which has also sparked lively debate. The metro was the decisive factor. It connected Tapiola to the capital city, also in people’s minds. The district still retains its original iconic reputation, despite no longer being perceived as a suburb surrounded by forest.

Espoo has taken extensive measures to develop the district while at the same time preserving its best features: the surrounding nature, the pedestrian centre and the impressive architecture. Heikintori and Tapiontori, including the new apartment buildings, are harmoniously connected to the Ainoa shopping centre. The cultural centre and the planned theatre building offer excellent connections to the metro and the old centre.”

According to Project Director Antti Mäkinen from the City of Espoo, Tapiola had to be revitalised because it was losing its appeal.

“For the most part, residents have been happy with the results. People understand the necessity of the project. The development of the area has also attracted new residents, which has enlivened the centre. Tapiola is a vibrant pedestrian-friendly urban centre with a varied offering of culture, sports and services. Development and construction in the area will continue for some years, but the historic garden city atmosphere will be preserved,” Mäkinen says.

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