Kilometrikisa promotes to cycle more

9.5.2023 15.22

We are once again taking part in the Kilometrikisa competition, promoting commuter and every day cycling. In recent years, approximately 500 employees of the City of Espoo have taken part in this playful competition. Kilometrikisa began on 1 May and ends on the Car Free Day on 22 September. Kilometrikisa is free of charge for all participants and it is organised by Pyöräilykuntien verkosto ry.


Kilometrikisa(external link) is a playful competition between work communities, associations, clubs, hobby groups, friends or any kind of teams, in which the participants log their cycling kilometres and minutes to accumulate their team’s result.

We have organised our own charity campaing every year, so you can raise money for a good cause by logging kilometres and keeping fit.

The advantage of Kilometrikisa, which promotes cycling, is that it does not require any special skills and almost every Finn has a bike. The competition encourages participants of all fitness levels to ride bikes. You can adjust the speed to your own fitness level.

Opportunity for increasing community spirit at workplaces

A work community can take part in Kilometrikisa when one team member creates a team and the others join that team. The participants accumulate their own team’s result. In addition to commuter cycling, also leisure-time cycling can be logged.

In the opinion of previous participants, participation in Kilometrikisa increased interaction, team spirit and the sense of belonging to the group. With measures promoting cycling, the workplace can show its support for health-promoting and sustainable modes of transport.

Accumulating municipality-specific result

Kilometrikisa also keeps track of the municipality-specific results. Every cyclist who has indicated their municipality of residence in their data automatically begins to accumulate kilometres for their municipality. 

Registration for Kilometrikisa is in progress. Put together a team or join the cycling team of your own work community!

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