Help control invasive species in Espoo through the Crowdsorsa mobile game and earn some money

23.5.2023 9.20Updated: 5.6.2023 4.07
Garden lupines.
Garden lupines are beautiful yet harmful.Photo: Jouko Rikkinen

Crowdsourced mapping of garden lupines starts in Espoo on 26 May at 9:00. You can participate by installing the Crowdsorsa app on your smartphone.

The Crowdsorsa mobile game allows players to mark areas with garden lupines on the map. Players get a one-euro reward for each observation. Only larger areas within the city are included in the mapping process. You can find them on the Crowdsorsa application.

One week later, an invasive species control mission will also be added to the game platform, showing the lupines to be eradicated. The mission to eradicate the already mapped Himalayan balsam will be opened later in the summer. The game will determine the reward based on the size of the area eradicated.

Himalayan balsam can take over large areas, leaving no room for native plants.Photo: Aino Peltola

The Crowdsorsa application(external link) is in English, but instructions are only available in Finnish.

Take part in the project and help protect Espoo’s native species!

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