Are you interested in organising a clean-up event?

16.3.2023 5.46
A person with a dog near the see.
Clean-up events are an excellent way to keep the city’s beaches, parks and other public areas clean.Photo: Anna Valli/Ellun Kanat

It is almost time for this spring’s clean-up events. At clean-up events, volunteers can participate in collecting paper, face masks, beverage cans, bottles and other litter from the city’s public areas. Plant waste, sticks, hazardous waste or electronic waste are not collected at spring clean-up events.

At the autumn clean-up events, volunteers pick up litter that has accumulated in the environment over the summer. You can pick up litter from forests, parks, riversides and roadsides on the city’s lands. 

In 2023, clean-up events can be organised between 3 April and 11 June and between 21 August and 30 September.

Fill in the registration form here(external link), enter important dates into your calendar and participate in keeping our city clean, by yourself or with a group.

Read more about clean-up events on our website.

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