Find your local circular and sharing economy services on the Service Map

13.2.2023 16.08Updated: 15.2.2023 15.30

The Service Map of the Helsinki metropolitan area has an item called Circular Economy, where you can find things such as rental and second hand stores in your area. The service package now covers not only Helsinki, but also Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa. More than 370 circular and sharing economy services available in the Helsinki metropolitan area have been brought together in the service package.

The Helsinki metropolitan area’s Service Map at link) contains public, services and private services. As a new feature, the map has a separate set of circular and sharing economy services. The circular economy services shown on the Service Map include flea markets, stores for products made from recycled materials, library lending services for equipment, waste food selling points, rental and repair services, shared spaces and shared vehicles. 

The aim of the map’s new function is to make it easier to find services and to promote the circular economy in the everyday lives of the Helsinki residents. Circular economy services are provided by both companies and the cities involved. The operators and enterprises marked on the map promote circular and sharing economy, and a sustainable lifestyle as part of their operations. Promoting circular and sharing economy services offered to residents is one of the goals of the Sustainable Espoo program. The aim is to reduce consumption-based emissions.

The circular and sharing economy are renewing the way we consume  

The basic idea of the circular economy is the efficient use of resources. Natural resources are used sparingly, products and materials are kept in circulation for as long as possible, and efforts are made to minimise the amount of loss and waste arising from production and consumption. In the sharing economy, consumption is not based on ownership but on sharing. The core idea of the sharing economy is the more efficient use of goods, spaces and services by moving from ownership to user rights, renting, borrowing and shared use.  

How to find circular and sharing economy services of the Helsinki metropolitan area on the Service Map  

To see circular and sharing economy services on the Service Map, you can either type “circular economy” in the search field on the map home page, or alternatively browse to the service you are looking for by using the service list. You can access the circular economy service list by selecting “Get to know the services by using the service list” on the home page. Open “Housing and urban environment” from the service lists and select “Circular economy” from the options that open. The circular economy service list can also be viewed by service by opening the list. In that case, you can choose to display one or more of the following circular economy services: waste products, recycling, library items and equipment, repair and maintenance services, used goods and recycled products, lending and rental services, other circular economy services, shared vehicles and shared spaces.  

Service Map(external link)


The circular economy services on Service Map are developed in Espoo as part of The Implementation Pathway for Environments that Accelerate Sustainable Growth (KETO) project. The project is implemented in cooperation with the City of Espoo, VTT, Aalto University and Omnia. The project is funded by European Union’s REACT-EU ERDF and is part of the European Union’s response to the covid-19 pandemic.

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