Postcard greetings to new Espoo residents 

15.8.2022 8.18Updated: 15.8.2022 9.44
Hello, new Espoo resident -greetings in different languages.

Espoo is a rapidly growing city, and it is important to us that our residents’ everyday lives run smoothly. We want to welcome people who have moved to Espoo to their new home, which is why we will send postcard greetings to new Espoo households. 

The postcards will be sent out in August to all those who have moved to Espoo during the first half of 2022. With the card, we want to inspire everyone to find the things about Espoo that they like the most and encourage them to get to know their neighbours.   

“Feeling at home in your new community and home town is important, and what better way to do that than over a cup of coffee. By showing the card, you can get a discount at the participating cafés in Espoo. With this gesture, we want to encourage the people of Espoo to explore their local area and perhaps find their favourite café, while also supporting local café culture,” says Development Manager Marion Ticklén, in charge of the development of resident involvement.  

In total, we will send cards to nearly 10,000 addresses. The card is in Finnish, Swedish and English, with a short welcome message in Arabic, Chinese, Estonian, Russian, Somali and Ukrainian.   

In Espoo, new residents have been approached with postcards before. In 2018, the model was piloted for the first time by sending a welcome message to one thousand randomly selected new households. Since 2019, the postcards have been sent to all new households.  

We will send the next cards in February to all those who have moved to Espoo during the last half of 2022.  

Find more information about the campaign and tips for making yourself at home in Espoo.(external link)