Home care nurses and nurses are supported in obtaining a driving license

19.5.2022 5.44

Espoo Home Care offers home care employees, practical nurses and nurses the opportunity to apply for a driving license scholarship worth up to EUR 600.

Driving license scholarship application has started 

All practical nurses and nurses in Espoo who are in temporary and permanent employment can apply for a driving license scholarship. The application period for the driving license scholarship started on 01/05/2022 and the application process is open until 30/11/2022.

The amount of the driving license scholarship awarded may not exceed EUR 600. The scholarship is applied with the receipt from the driving school, and the scholarship cannot exceed the amount paid by the applicant. The application must be approved by the supervisor.

Support for obtaining a driving license can also be applied for retrospectively

Employees who have obtained a driver’s license during 2021 and early 2022 can apply for a scholarship retrospectively. The scholarship is available on condition that the applicant has been employed in home care during the period of obtaining the driving license.

Those home care workers who obtain a driver’s license in 2022 can apply for a scholarship during driving school after the supervisor has approved the application.

For more information on applying for a driving license scholarship, contact your supervisor or your recruiting supervisor.

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