Espoo continues to develop services and activities through experiments – Digital Agenda 3.0 launched  

25.5.2022 13.46

Our city-level experiment programme, Digital Agenda 3.0, continues the pioneering approach and agile development of the previous programmes. We implement the programme in cooperation with residents, customers, personnel, companies, organisations, research institutes and educational institutions. 

The Digital Agenda’s experiments are aimed at identifying on the market future solutions that could meet the needs of a growing city. We are looking for alternative operating models and solutions that can be used in many different services and that are suitable for different customer and user groups. During the experiment programme, we will conduct digital experiments as well as research, studies and theses. 

Digital experiments are a great way to introduce new digital services to customers and personnel. They are also a way to establish experimental culture in Espoo. Through the experiments, our personnel have seen how future solutions can influence work tasks. We have also gained valuable information for procurement planning. Digital Agenda 1.0 and 2.0 have not only provided good experiences and information for developing our own operations, but have also supported companies of all sizes, including start-ups in product development and export efforts.  

Network-based cooperation

Meeting the challenges and needs of today’s city requires collaboration. The input of various actors is needed to find suitable solutions for future needs. In accordance with the City as a Service model, we want to promote both network-based cooperation as well as the vitality and wellbeing of Espoo in collaboration with the entire Espoo community.  

The programme provides an opportunity to experiment with new digital experiments that are demanding in terms of operations and information technology and which include development of processes, practices and know-how, utilisation of knowledge, as well as automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence.  

“We encourage everyone to co-create, experiment and work together on the Espoo Story.”
- Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor of Espoo 

The Service Development Unit of the Mayor’s Office handles the implementation and coordination of the experiment programme in cooperation with other units of the City of Espoo. The owner of the Digital Agenda is Mayor Jukka Mäkelä. 

Join the open information event on 14 June

The Digital Agenda implements the Espoo Story and runs for the 2022–2025 council term. 

“With experimental development and networked cooperation, we are building a more sustainable future.”
- Päivi Sutinen, Services Development Director 

The information event of the experiment programme will be held at the Espoo City Council Building on 14 June at 11:30–14:00.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

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