Awarded entrepreneur Fadumo Ali is aiming at international markets and going public

13.4.2022 7.41

Fadumo Ali of Somali background is the founder and CEO of Hoiwa Oy. She has been chosen as Espoo’s Entrepreneur of the Year. This 35-year-old immigrant woman and entrepreneur has turned Hoiwa Oy into an exceptional success story in a short time. Hoiwa is a social and health care company that acts as a reliable partner for the public and private sector throughout Finland.

Hoiwa Oy was founded just two years ago in 2020. Already in the first year, the company’s turnover rose to almost EUR 0.5 million and leaped to over EUR 4.2 million in the second financial year that just ended.

The company started with one office worker and now there are ten employees in the office. After the first year, there were approximately 400 health care professionals on Hoiwa’s lists, and now there are about 2,500. Such growth figures are rare for any type of company. Hoiwa Oy has also been profitable from the very beginning, which has enabled a high rate of growth.

The Espoo-based entrepreneurial colleagues who made the selection also drew attention to the fact that Hoiwa Oy, led by Fadumo Ali, has employed a considerable number of immigrants who have challenges in finding employment. In addition, the company is able to offer its employees a salary above the normal level and good working conditions.

Founder, CEO and Chairperson of the Board of Hoiwa, Fadumo Ali is a well-liked boss and employer.  She has a very positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. Fadumo has set significant growth targets for Hoiwa Oy. The company aims to expand its operations to the international markets and to go public.

Espoo’s Entrepreneur of the Year has been selected since 1980. The first Entrepreneur of the Year was Kurt Linderoos, the founder of the successful advertising agency Takapiru. The selection as the Entrepreneur of the Year has almost always meant continued success for the entrepreneur and their company, even at a greater pace. The panel of judges of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises believes this to be true also in the case of Fadumo Ali, the founder of Hoiwa Oy.

On 5 April 2022, Espoo’s Mayor Jukka Mäkelä and the Vice-chair of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises Markku Sahi presented the Entrepreneur of the Year award to Fadumo Ali in Dipoli.

Additional information:

  • Fadumo Ali, Hoiwa Oy’s Chairperson of the Board and CEO, tel. +358 40 1993597
  • Erkki Pärssinen, Managing Director of the Federation of Espoo Enterprises, tel. +358 50 4111104
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