Operations of Transport Services to be developed based on client feedback

Published: 18.3.2022 8.22

Transport Services organises individual transport for the elderly and people with disabilities based on the Social Welfare Act and the Disability Services Act. Transport Services has operated since 2 February 2021. In December 2021, we conducted a client satisfaction survey. The survey was sent by post to all 3,500 clients who have used the service. Clients were also able to take the survey online.

A total of 1,251 clients (36% of all clients) responded to the survey. The results showed that the clients’ opinions are divided: some feel that the service works well and others feel that the service is lacking in many ways. More than one third of the clients are dissatisfied with the service.

Based on the answers, most clients consider it easy to pay the client charge, and 80% of the clients feel safe during the rides. 81% consider the Transport Services’ customer service to be friendly and polite. However, clients feel that they do not always receive answers to their feedback, and almost half have had difficulties contacting Transport Services.

Drivers received positive reviews. Clients feel that their personal data is handled confidentially, the vehicles are in good condition and clean, and the drivers are friendly and act appropriately. However, some shortcomings were found in the language skills and local knowledge of drivers.

Clients prefer to book their rides by phone. 13% of respondents use the Kulkukeskus application for booking their rides. Other booking methods are used considerably less. Clients tend to book their ride one hour before they need it or on the previous day or earlier. 31% of respondents book their ride one hour before they need it and 36% on the previous day or earlier.

Clients were also asked about sharing rides with other clients. 50% of respondents feel that their rides cannot be shared. However, 29% of respondents could consider sharing their rides and 21% do not have an opinion on the subject.

Several measures to improve the service

We have already been aware of some of the issues that arose from the client satisfaction survey, and the results support the decisions that have already been made regarding development measures. We are constantly developing our services based on the feedback we receive. The most important thing is that clients can use the transport service they have been granted safely and smoothly.

Our plan is to have another operator working as a backup to the Transport Services’ dispatch operator. If Transport Services does not answer a client’s call within three minutes, the call will be transferred to the backup operator. This will ensure that clients are able to book their rides smoothly and in a timely manner.

In addition, we will transfer the processing of complaints concerning Transport Services to the City of Espoo. This will give us a more accurate picture of the content of the feedback and enable us to address the shortcomings of the service more quickly. We will also increase the monitoring of the quality of the transport companies we use.

Preparations for the improvement measures are under way, and we aim to introduce them as soon as possible.


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