Mask recommendation for pupils in grades 3–5 to end at schools

22.2.2022 13.57

From 2 March, the use of masks is recommended to all pupils in grades 6–10 and upper secondary school students, unless they are unable to wear a mask for health reasons.

Pupils in grades 3–5 can still wear masks if they so wish. The city provides pupils and students with masks, but they can also use their own masks.

Guardians can be invited to schools. Parents’ evenings can also be organised at school. We recommend that assessment discussions be organised remotely, but they can also be carried out as face-to-face meetings.

Espoo Catering Oy’s temporary changes in menus will end

Espoo Catering Oy’s temporary changes in menus will end and we will return to normal menus. The change was made due to the sudden and drastic deterioration of the coronavirus epidemic, and the aim was to ensure smooth mealtimes in the exceptional situation.

We hope that, as the coronavirus epidemic eases, there will be no more exceptional situations.

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