Maternity and child health clinics’ services as of 13 January 2022

17.1.2022 13.59

The number of coronavirus infections has increased, and staff is needed at vaccination sites and Espoo Hospital. At the same time, staff absences have increased. As a result, we will have to further reduce the services of Espoo’s maternity and child health clinics.

How to contact the maternity and child health clinic

Our maternity and child health clinics’ centralised appointment booking and counselling number is open Mon–Fri 8:30–12:30. We have a call-back system. Sometimes you may have to wait for our call until the next day. We will try to reach you three times. If we cannot reach you, your call will be removed from the call-back list.

Services for pregnant women

Maternity clinic appointments during pregnancy will be arranged in line with the normal schedule, except the first doctor’s appointment at week 17–18 of pregnancy which is offered if needed. The first appointment after childbirth primarily takes place at the clinic.

Child health clinic services

Periodic health checks for 0–1.5-year-old children will be carried out as usual. We may have to change some doctor’s appointments.

At the moment, we can only offer appointments for small children if they need special support. If you are concerned about your child, please contact the clinics’ centralised appointment booking and counselling number to discuss the child’s situation with a nurse, tel. 09 816 22800, Mon–Fri 8:30–12:30.  You can also book an appointment at our open online clinic to discuss the matter with the nurse through a video call. Further information is available on the Open online maternity and child health clinic webpage.

If your child starts first grade at school in August 2022, you can book an appointment for a first grader's health check through school health care. Health checks are carried out throughout the school year. We will provide further information on the health check and appointment booking at the new pupils’ information event later in the spring.

Vaccines for children

You can book 15-minute appointments for vaccinations included in the national vaccination programme by calling the clinic’s telephone service.

Online appointment booking

At the moment, appointments for small children cannot be booked online.

You can still book an appointment

  • for an influenza vaccination 
  • for the open online maternity and child health clinic
  • for couples counselling.

You can check, reschedule or cancel your appointments.

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Only visit a clinic in good health. Take care of hand hygiene when you enter and leave the clinic. Wear a face mask throughout your visit. 

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