Every child has the right to a home and a family

20.1.2022 13.20

Would you be interested in becoming a foster parent to an underage child who has arrived in Finland alone without a guardian?

Espoo’s Immigrant Services is running an Integration Through Family Care pilot project with the aim of placing children who have arrived in Finland unaccompanied in family care within the Uusimaa region. We are currently looking for suitable family carers for this meaningful task.

All kinds of families are welcome to apply, both Finnish families and those with an immigrant background. A family carer must have a stable living situation that allows for flexibility, and they must be able to provide care and to form a genuine bond with the child.

This activity is a form of official family care. The family carers will receive training for the job, and they will be paid a fee based on the Family Care Act. They will also be supported in their roles by professionals. 

If you would like to hear more, please send us an email at perhehoitokotouttaa@espoo.fi



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