Respond and influence: What issues are important for older persons

Published: 18.10.2021 9.06

We are surveying Espoo residents’ views and thoughts on what issues are important for older people.

It is important for us for the residents of Espoo to be able to lead fulfilling lives, even as they get older.  Residents’ views and thoughts on how to lead a good life as you get older have previously been collected in the Täyttä elämää ikääntyneenä (‘Leading a fulfilling life as you get older‘) plan, which steers how the well-being of older residents of Espoo is developed.  The most recent plan covered 2019–2021, and the aim is to now update the plan for 2022–2025. Before the update, we would like to hear residents’ views on what issues are important as you get older.

Residents of Espoo of all ages can respond to the survey until 12 November 2021. Responses are anonymous.

Please respond to the survey online(extrernal link) . If you wish to respond to the survey via a paper form instead, you can request a paper survey form and a return envelope from Nestori – Guidance and Service Counselling for Senior Citizens. Paper survey forms can be requested until 12 November.  Responses submitted using the paper form must be delivered by 30 November 2021.

Your responses are important to us!  Respond and get your voice heard!


Nestori – Guidance and Service Counselling

09 816 33 333 P.O. Box 2308, 02070 CITY OF ESPOO