Results of the Disability Services’ client satisfaction survey

Published: 14.9.2021 7.33

The annual client satisfaction survey of Espoo Disability Services was conducted for the fourth time in spring 2021.

More e-services requested

The results of the survey conducted over the last four years vary only moderately from year to year. The most significant variation can be seen in the need for e-services. In this year’s survey, respondents in the younger age groups were more prominently represented than older age groups. The popularity of e-services grew respectively, so changes in the respondent base may explain the results.
Disability Services already offer the opportunity to apply for support for informal care and transport services electronically. These services can be assessed at Client reception can also be arranged electronically. That said, the responses suggest that more information is needed on the availability of electronic services. The new website launched at the beginning of September takes this into account.

More information about the services requested

In general, access to information about the services for people with disabilities is perceived as moderate: about 35% of the respondents are satisfied with the current situation, and a similar proportion is dissatisfied. Information about the various support options for disability services is particularly requested. Disability Services are preparing a comprehensive service guide to meet the need for information.

Friendliness and speed of service divide opinions

Friendliness of service was rated similar to the previous years. Around two-thirds of the respondents say they always or almost always have received friendly service from the Disability Services office. In contrast, around 8% of the respondents say they have rarely or never received friendly service.
Dissatisfaction with the speed of service was greater than before. Slightly under half of the respondents expressed satisfaction with the speed of service. In the previous year, the share was well over half. This year, the average time required to process an application for disability services has been 37 days.

Background to the client satisfaction survey

The survey was sent to about 900 clients who had used disability services during the previous few months. They were given the option to reply by means of a paper form (150 replies) or by electronic means (50 replies). In addition, a round of telephone calls made at the end of the survey period reached 40 respondents.
Half of the respondents had clientship in the Disability Services, 28% responded on behalf of their child and 32% on behalf of their adult family member.
The results from different years are not directly comparable with each other due to the variation in the respondent base. Disability Services is involved in developing a continuous client satisfaction measurement tool to provide more accurate information on the client’s satisfaction with the service.