Clients of Espoo Disability Services are satisfied with their housing services

Published: 14.9.2021 7.30

Espoo Disability Services conducted a housing satisfaction survey for its residents in spring 2021. The survey was conducted in units located in Espoo. The survey* examined the degree of client satisfaction with, among other things, staff availability, privacy, safety, the comfort of the apartment and leisure activities and also asked for an overall rating for the housing services.

Residents are particularly satisfied with the safety, hope that the staff will have more time

The main result of the survey is that the residents are quite satisfied with the intensified sheltered housing services. In the case of almost every question, four out of five respondents (80%) indicated that they were satisfied with the service quality.

The best assessments were given in the areas of safety and hygiene: nine out of ten respondents were satisfied with these. The lowest assessments were given in the areas related to the time available for the staff to spend with the residents. That said, about seven out of ten respondents were satisfied in this respect as well.

Examined by respondents, the residents were on average more satisfied with the quality of the housing services than the family members taking the survey.

Utilisation of the results

Disability Services processes the results with the service providers so that the privacy of the respondents is maintained.

In the future, the survey will be conducted annually to assess the development of client satisfaction.

Lena Astala, Director of Disability Services, is grateful for the clients for their active participation in the survey and says that the monitoring team established last year is monitoring the quality of the services in a number of different ways:

“Regular surveys are an essential part of service quality management, and the survey carried out provided us with valuable information from the residents and their family members. We will use the results in connection with monitoring visits and regularly monitor the progress of the agreed areas for development. We are now in a good position to continue towards our common goal, namely to continuously improve the quality of services in Espoo!”

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* The survey was sent to clients of long-term intensified sheltered housing for disabled services who need 24-hour support. A total of 100 responses were received, which is a good 20 per cent of all intensified sheltered housing clients in Espoo. Unit-specific response rates were rather low, mainly less than ten responses per unit. The majority (61%) of the responses were completed jointly by the resident and a family member. 13% of the residents completed the survey independently, and about a quarter was completed by a family member on their own.