Leppävaara – cluster of traffic and business

Leppävaara is the largest and most active of Espoo’s centres with great connections all around the metropolitan area.

Leppävaara is the third biggest public transport hub in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Because of the good public transport connections, only half of the households in Leppävaara own a car. Services, shops, workplaces, exercise and recreational possibilities are within walking distance and outdoors activities nearby.

At the moment 71,500 people live in Leppävaara area and the number is estimated to grow to 100,000 by 2040. Leppävaara has a youthful look and has been built over several decades. Most of its area has already been planned but complementary construction will continue in the upcoming years.

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station to Leppävaara is approximately 16 minutes by train.

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Leppävaara has been built over several decades.Photo: Olli Urpela

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