Leppävaara idea competition

The City of Espoo is organising an international, two-phase idea competition for the design of the northern part of the Leppävaara city centre. The aim of the competition is to find an overall plan for the area north of the railway tracks that is of high quality functionally, visually and architecturally as well as financially feasible and will act as a starting point for further development of the area.

One of the the aims of the competition is to connect the north and south sides of the railway line into a single city centre area.

The first phase of the idea competition involves finding an overall idea for the centre of Leppävaara that is appealing with regard to the cityscape and functionality. Entries must unite the area currently divided and controlled by the railway tracks and streets to a pleasant city centre.  

The more detailed planning in the second phase of the idea competition will ensure the feasibility of the competition entries. The overall plan for Leppävaara city centre, Lepuski 2.0, compiled based on the competition, will steer the town planning, implementation and construction of the area for the next 10–20 years.