Burning rubbish and garden waste

Disposing of rubbish and garden waste by burning them into the atmosphere is harmful to the environment and is therefore prohibited.

Burning waste is prohibited by Espoo’s environmental protection regulations, the Waste Act and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area waste management regulations. Paper or cardboard may be used as tinder when lighting a fire. However, they are bad for the purpose, also causing ash and soot problems in the furnace. 

The burning of garden waste causes smoke nuisance to the neighbours, so it is prohibited in densely populated areas by Espoo’s environmental protection regulations. Outside densely populated areas, it is allowed to burn twigs and garden waste if the neighbours are far away and upwind, if the smoke does not disturb anyone and there is no forest fire warning in force. Heavy smoke must be reported to the Rescue Department(extrernal link)

A good option is to compost leaves, twigs, grass clippings and other garden waste at home. If the lawn is covered by a particularly thick leaf layer, gather them and store in compost, or shred with lawnmower and leave them on the grass. Branches and twigs should be cut in pieces or chipped. Wood chips can be mixed with leaf litter and used as a regulating material in a compost. Garden waste and small amounts of twigs can be taken to Sortti Stations (external link)(extrernal link), and larger loads to the Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre (external link)(extrernal link). Reception is subject to a charge.