Following the carbon footprint - towards a sustainable lifestyle!

What is a sustainable lifestyle like? How can I make a difference through my everyday choices? Am I looking for solutions in the right place? These are some of the questions answered by the Following the carbon footprint event series that focuses on your opportunities to make a difference. In May and June 2022, we will discuss themes related to sustainable development at three events and three workshops. Join us!

What is this about?

You are invited to discuss everyday life in Espoo and take a look at your own carbon footprint! The event series produced by Espoo Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development consists of three hybrid events and three workshops. The evening events focus on everyday life in Espoo and delve into actions and habits that reduce your carbon footprint, introduced by top speakers. The events’ themes come directly from residents based on a survey carried out in autumn 2021. The workshops take a more detailed look into themes of residents’ everyday life. The events and workshops will take place in three libraries in Espoo. Attending is free of charge for everyone. You can choose to follow the events online at home or visit the libraries physically. Read more via the link below and hop in!

50 years of the City of Espoo

Following the carbon footprint - towards a sustainable lifestyle! series celebrates the 50th anniversary of Espoo as a city. Welcome to the year-long joint celebration!