Lepuski Alt-Fest: Kissa + Teini-Pää, Malla + Handshaking

Lepuski Alt-Fest


27.10.2023 19.00 – 28.10.2023 22.30 EET/EEST


Sello Hall

Soittoniekanaukio 1 A, 02600 Espoo

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Sello Hall


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The top names in alternative music are taking the train to Lepuski! Leppävaara in Espoo - or familiarly known as Lepuski - is the home district of Sello Hall. The unrivalled two-day Lepuski Alt-Fest celebrates the 20-year-old Sello Hall.

The Friday line-up is unlikely to leave anyone cold as the delightful Teini-Pää and the hyped-up Kissa, a band with a dangerous reputation, come to entertain the audiences. Saturday is for more electronic vibes: see Malla and the musician and host Fedja Kamari - better known as Handshaking - take on the stage. DJs Tytti Roto and Kalifornia-Keke entertain in the lobby bar. The charming Sello Hall is calling - dancing allowed!

Kissa is a combination of glitter-filled 70s glam spectacle, decadent rebellion against rebellion and passionate love. The group draws its musical and lyrical power from carefree rock 'n' roll, emotional and bubbling pop aesthetics, and power pop’s big harmonic guitars and melody hooks. In live shows, Kissa is the perfect pop rock dream with a side of overwhelming boisterousness, wide straddles and whining guitars. From the crossfire of colourful lights and pink mist rises the unique and electrified sextet - impossible to look away from. Kissa’s debut album Vaarallinen was published in June 2021. The first edition of the album was sold out fast and the current edition in circulation is already the third. The band published its elegantly emotional and ambitious second album, Apinalinna, in the spring.

The night’s opening act Teini-Pää is a messenger of silly pop, winning over audiences with their relatable songs. The band’s music combines catchy pop melodies with the DIY aesthetics of American garage bands. Teini-Pää’s infectious style navigates smoothly between catchy party tunes and melancholically nostalgic harmonies in the minor key. Effortlessness and melodies that get stuck on the listener like pink chewing gum are the glue of the whole act. The debut album Maailma kyllä odottaa came out last year. After its publication, the album attracted a huge number of positive reviews. The band was also nominated for the Critics’ Choice category in Emma Gaala in 2023. Teini-Pää published their second, equally praised album called Sata syytä aloittaa at the start of the year.

Multitalent Malla Malmivaara is an award winning actress and musician. After performing years in indie bands, Malla is now focusing on her career as a solo artist. Malla’s music is an eclectic mix of electro pop and house music, inspired by analogue synthesizers and drum machines. Malla is on superb form on her debut album, embracing house and disco in a way that sounds as natural as it is elegant. Malla finds a new role as a dancefloor truth-teller, infusing house and disco epics with thrilling expressions of desire and self-knowledge.

Everybody will fall in love with Malla thanks to her eclectic mix of electro pop and house music. Soon you all are big fans of this rising talent and you can’t wait to hear more!

Fedja Kamari known better under his artist name Handshaking is known for versatile DJ gigs and energetic live performances. Kamari’s previous accomplishments include the band Töölön Ketterä and appearances on programmes such as Yle and Radio Helsinki. Kamari’s production is marked by a certain kind of element of surprise and humour as well as challenging yourself and the surrounding phenomena and culture. The artist's debut Garden Clogs (2021) was eagerly awaited among fans of electronic and dance music and the 200-piece vinyl edition sold out immediately. Image wrote the following about the album: "Handshaking's debut album is entertainment house with the highest production value which gives international comparisons such as Yaej or Peggy Gou or even Jaakko Eino Kalevi a run for their money".

Lepuski Alt-Fest:
Fri 27.10.2023 Kissa + Teini-Pää, DJ Tytti Roto
Sat 28.10.2023 Malla + Handshaking, DJ Kalifornia Keke

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