Espoo International School (EIS) for Students and Parents

At Espoo International School (EIS), the most important facet of education is the safety and wellbeing of our students. We aim to develop healthy, supportive relationships, which are the heart of our community. In order to meet these goals, it is important to develop and maintain a culture of communication, transparency and trust between students, parents and teachers.

A successful school supports all of the student's needs, both inside and outside the classroom, and helps them become effective, empowered and authentic learners. Education and learning is much more than content; it must offer students a diverse educational experience, support their academic,  social and emotional learning, while helping them develop the skills needed to succeed in our ever-changing world. 

These pages deal with the important non-academic aspects of student life. They will allow students and parents to be active participants in our school community.

Middle school students in main lobby.

Student Life

Student Wellbeing

Primary School Electives 2021-22

Middle School Electives 2021-22

Life after 9th Grade

EIS and International Mindedness