Hello Espoo

Hello Espoo offers you a step-by-step guide before, during and after moving to Espoo. Let us show you reasons to fall in love with Espoo.

Welcome to Espoo!

Have you moved to Espoo within last year and got mail from us? Check out our tips on how to feel at home in Espoo.

Have you arrived in Finland from Ukraine? If you are a Ukrainian citizen and have arrived in Finland because of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, you can currently stay in the country without a visa or apply for temporary protection or submit an asylum application.

Ви приїхали до Фінляндії з України? Якщо ви є громадянином України й прибули до Фінляндії через напад Росії, ви зараз можете проживати у Фінляндії без візи або подати заяву про надання притулку.

Before you pack your suitcase and head to Espoo, Finland, take your time to go through this information page to make your relocation smoother.

Welcome to your new home! We have collected useful information about living in Espoo.

Events in Espoo

29.6.2023 12.00 – 14.00 EET/EESTSoukan asukaspuisto
  • Participation and influencing
  • Residence
  • Well-being
  • Teaching and instruction
  • Espoon keskus
9.1.2023 – 31.12.2023 EET/EESTOhjaamotalo, The Starttipiste
  • Participation and influencing
  • Well-being
  • Leppävaara