When a pupil moves

On this page, you can find information on how to apply to a comprehensive school if a pupil is moving to Espoo or moving inside Espoo.

Pupils moving to Espoo or to another pupil catchment region inside Espoo are allocated a local school when the move has taken place. School place is allocated from the pupil catchment region determined by the pupil's new home address. When a pupil moves to another municipality, the new home municipality will answer for his/her education. 

Photo: Taru Turpeinen

More information

Ilham Hamdouni

Coordinator+358 46 8773293

Pupil admission to preparatory education for basic education and guidance

Sara Raitala

Coordinator+358 40 5070817

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 1-6) and school admission

Noora Järvi

System Planner+358 40 6369154

Enrolment in comprehensive school (grades 7-9) and school admission