Niittykummun koulu

Niittykummun koulu is the oldest primary school in southern Espoo and equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology. Our school has some 400 pupils and supports diversity.

Our school

Espoo’s schools highlight the perspective of positive education. This means that we help pupils recognise and utilise their own strengths. Encouraging guidance and supportive feedback boost a pupil’s trust in their abilities. We address learning challenges by further developing the pupil’s strengths.

Our pupils learn to live with various types of learners, as our school offers, in addition to mainstream education, bilingual education (English-Finnish), Montessori education and five classes for children with autism. Integration between all forms of education occurs every day.

Our pupils study English as an A1 language and Swedish and German as A2 languages. Swedish is studied as a B1 language starting from the 6th grade.

Our school is located close to good transport connections. The Tapiola sports park and cultural activities are within walking distance. Our school yard features equipment that encourages children to be physically active. In addition to a play area, there is a rink, a Panna arena and a street hockey area.

Teaching takes mainly place in the main building of Niittykummun koulu at Niittyportti 3. The Uusikummun koulu building (Riihitontuntie 7 C) is currently used by our Montessori pupils. In addition, some technical crafts and music lessons and all textile crafts lessons take place there.

During the autumn semester 2021, first-graders have also been studying in the Uusikummun koulu building. According to the current plan, all school activities will move from Niittykummun koulu to the Uusikummun koulu building in the autumn of 2022.

Niittykummun koulu is a Finnish-speaking school. Read more about it in Finnish or check out Espoo’s English-speaking schools.

Photo: Taru Turpeinen