ONNI Psychosocial support at Ohjaamo guidance centres

  • Youth Work
6.9.2021 12.01Updated: 28.2.2022 7.24

ONNI activities provide support for, for example, mental well-being and social relations. The activities may include individual or group work. ONNI is for 18-29 -year old youngster.

At Ohjaamotalo, you can participate, for example, in ONNI groups for socially anxious people or influencers. In HOT change coaching, you can work with a coach to improve your mood or self-esteem, for example. You can apply for the groups and HOT coaching by visiting Starttipiste.

ONNI also organises well-being sessions (Discord) nationwide and an ADHD group open for young people (Discord).

You can see an ONNI well-being coach at Starttipiste on Wednesdays. You can also contact Oona with email or telefone. 


ONNI -workers at Espoo:

Oona Lehtomäki (well-being instructor), tel. (also WA) 050 5237496, oona.lehtomaki@te-toimisto.fi

Kirsi Räsänen (coordinator, social worker), tel. (also WA) 0504536435, kirsi.rasanen@te-toimisto.fi