Corporate responsibility is concrete acts – what are they to you as an entrepreneur?

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29.10.2020 13.51Updated: 31.8.2021 12.52

More than half of Finns want concrete responsible actions from companies. Many customers consider it very important for the origin of the products to be known, the carbon footprint to be kept to a minimum and the working conditions of the staff to be in order. How can companies meet such expectations?

Companies can gradually improve their performance: responsibility has different degrees. Responsibility can extend from individual projects to a situation where responsibility is the driver of product development and the company also requires responsibility from its partners.

Responsibility requirements are constantly increasing as sustainable development is in many ways part of our daily life. Responsibility in the daily life of consumers is more than just climate actions. What was enough to win a prize in a corporate responsibility competition yesterday is now a basic requirement to even participate in the competition.

So how can your company stand out in responsibility? The most important thing is to speak credibly through facts. My dear entrepreneur, please do not forget to tell your customers about your responsible actions and the benefits of your responsible products! Your responsible actions that are routine to you may not be visible to your customers at all if you do not tell them explicitly about them.

Responsibility is about offering solutions to customers

Responsibility is not superimposed greenwashing but offering solutions to customers. Responsible products help consumers live more environmentally-friendly lives and offer more competitive advantages to business customers. It is particularly important for large companies that responsibility is taken into account throughout the supply chain.

Responsibility thinking has become more diverse. Responsibility is also about taking care of customers and jobs. Who would have guessed a year ago that responsibility would also involve, for example, organising safe events that take into account the coronavirus restrictions?

What does responsibility mean in your company right now? How do you plan to tell your customers about your responsible products and services?

The author of the article is EnterpriseEspoo’s creative business specialist, Ville Tolvanen MA, M.Sc. (Econ.). Ville coaches current and future entrepreneurs in starting and developing vibrant businesses. His clients include businesses in creative industries, as well as anyone else who is considering starting or developing a business.