By appointment at Ohjaamotalo

  • Youth Work
6.9.2021 10.40

You can book an appointment with the following experts through Starttipiste:

  • Housing counsellor from the adult social work’s team for young people on Thursdays
  • Guidance counsellor from Live Vocational College once a month on Wednesdays
  • Substance abuse and mental health work nurse on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Career counsellor from Omnia on Tuesdays
  • Outreach youth worker from Monday to Friday (Starttipiste provides your information to outreach youth work, and they will call back to schedule the first appointment. You can also contact them directly.)

Meetings can be arranged live at Ohjaamotalo, by telephone or online through Teams, for example. Indicate your preference when making an appointment. Meetings can also be arranged at the Ohjaamotalo’s Iso Omena service point!

Outreach youth work will meet you at a place of your choosing, including your home.