The Finnish flagship joint AI event is brought to you by the City of Espoo, Business Finland, Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, together with AI savvy partners.

Main partners

City of Espoo

Espoo is one of Europe's forerunners in innovation and sustainable development. Home to the leading innovation hub in the Nordic countries, world-class research institutes, SMEs and global company headquarters, Espoo is the hotspot of AI innovation in Finland.

Espoo is the second-largest city in Finland, with close to 300,000 inhabitants. However, as a city, Espoo is far from traditional. Characterised by the lack of a single centre, Espoo has a network city structure with five urban centres offering excellent access to services and nature.

And it's the people who make the city. A thriving culture of empowering citizens and encouraging innovation is the key ingredient driving Espoo towards a sustainable future.

Espoo is your reliable AI partner in space tech, quantum, health, gaming, 6G, and more.

Business Finland

Business Finland is the Finnish government organization(external link) for innovation funding, internationalization services and investment promotion. Business Finland's AI Business program accelerates the global growth of the Finnish digital service business and ecosystem building.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment(external link) (MEAE) is part of the Government. MEAE creates the conditions for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable growth. It comes from skilled people in high-quality jobs, productivity growth and increasing employment.

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI(external link) is a community of experts that brings together top talents in academia, industry and the public sector to solve real-life problems using both existing and novel AI. FCAI is one of the Academy of Finland’s Finnish flagships, hubs of top-level research and impact.



The aim of the ETAIROS Research project(external link) is to study and develop practical processes and frameworks that help organizations to enhance the ethical sustainability of applying AI.ETAIROS (Ethical AI for the Governance of the Society) will contribute to concrete ethical design and assessment tools as well as general governance principles, which support public, private and third-sector actors’ ethical self-regulation and governance. Practical use cases concrete the ETAIROS work. The thematic areas covered are Social and Health Care, Safety, National security, Autonomous systems, Aging population, Holistic Governance.

The partners in the Research consortium are Tampere University, University of Helsinki, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, University of Jyväskylä, University of Turku and 4FRONT Ltd. More information: link).

Etairos will have 1h presentation during the November 4th morning as part of the AI Day stream. Check out their agenda! Please note that this 1h session will be held in Finnish with main theme “Tekoälystä turvaa –tutkimustuloksia tekoälyn vastuullisesta hyödyntämisestä”