The agenda of November 4th was full of outstanding speakers bringing out interesting topics and enlighting viewpoints to all participants to enjoy.

AI Finland 2021 program


8.30-9.30am Breakfast at Dipoli, on-site event

9.20-9.45am Introduction & opening

9.20-9.30am Virtual event platform introduction, instructions and videos

9.30-9.45am Opening of AI Finland and AI Day joint event, welcome to Espoo & Finland

Jukka Mäkelä, Mayor, City of Espoo
Harri Paananen, Director, Economic Development, City of Espoo
Mika Lintilä, Minister of Economic Affairs, Finland

9.45-10.20am Finnish AI: Public sector

09.45-10.05am Cracking the Code of Integration Policy - The Ethical Use of Sensitive Data from Multiple Sources
Teemu Haapalehto, Manager of Immigration Affairs, City of Espoo
Peter Ylén, Data Utilisation Development Manager, City of Espoo

10.05-10.20am How can AuroraAI Help to Reboot the Provision of Public Services?
Aleksi Kopponen, Special Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Finland

10.20-10.40am Break

10.40am-12.10pm Reboot Europe with AI

10.40-10.55am Mission: AI Competitiveness - What governments can do to fulfill their brief
Andreas Hartl, Head of Division AI, Data Economy, Blockchain German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

10.55-11.10am Marina Bill, President of ADRA (AI, Data and Robotics Association)

11.10-11.25am Professor Barry O´Sullivan, University College Cork (Ireland) and Vice Chair of the EC High-Level Expert Group on AI (2018-2020)

11.25-11.40am How to bring about our European AI century
Miapetra Kumpula-Natri, Member of the European Parliament, Finland

11.40am-12.10pm Panel: Reboot Europe with AI – How to promote European competitiveness and sovereignty?

Facilitator Pekka Sivonen, Head of Finnish Liaison office on EU Research and Innovation in Brussels, Business Finland

Barry O´Sullivan, Marina Bill and Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT Ltd (Technical Research Centre of Finland), Dr. Petri Myllymäki, Vice-Director of FCAI, professor of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science of University of Helsinki, Finland, and the Director of the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT), FCAI and Jussi Herlin, Vice Chairman of the Board, KONE Corporation.

12.10-1pm Lunch & Robot Uprising Takeover

1.00-1.45pm Finnish AI: AI Governance

1.00-1.10pm Ilkka Niemelä, President of Aalto University, Finland

1.10-1.20pm Socially Responsible Knowledge Management - Comprehension Management
Henrikki Salo-Pöntinen, Doctoral Researcher in Cognitive science, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Jyväskylä.

1.20-1.30pm Operationalising AI governance with technology
Meeri Haataja, CEO, Co-Founder, Saidot Ltd

1.30-1.45pm From Ethical Principles to Governed AI
Matti Mäntymäki, University of Turku
Antti Myllymäki, Head of AI at OP financial group, OP

1.45-2.00pm Break

2.00-3.05pm Finnish AI: 6G, Space tech and Quantum

2.00-2.25pm 6G & AI                   

Machine Learning for 5G and 6G wireless systems
Dr. Mikko Honkala, Research Group Leader, Machine Learning, Nokia Bell Labs

Susanna Pirttikangas, Research Director at University of Oulu

2.25-2.50pm Spacetech & AI
Pekka Laurila, CSO, Co-founder, ICEYE
ICEYE’s new space approach and AI in earth observation
Dr. Juha Koponen, Chief Operating Officer, CollectiveCrunch Oy
AI Smart Forestry


2.50-3.05pm Quantum Technology & AI
The Finnish Quantum ecosystem: one of the strongest in the world
Dr. Himadri Majumdar, Program Manager, Quantum Programmes, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland)

3.05-3.35pm Break

3.35-4.10pm Finnish AI: Health

3.35-3.45pm Utilizing AI to enhance the development of new treatments in clinical research
Dr. Jussi Leinonen MD PhD, Principal Clinical Data Scientist, Bayer Oy, Finland

3.45- 3.55pm Oura and machine learning helping you on your health journey
Teemu Kurppa, CTO, Software, Oura Oy

3.55-4.10pm Privacy-preserving data twins
Joonas Jälkö, Doctoral Candidate, Aalto University

4.10-5.05pm Finnish AI: Start-ups & Development

4.10-4.20pm Accelerating AI driven innovation with large scale EuroHPC/LUMI computing capacity
Dan Still, Development Manager, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.

4.20-4.30pm AI co-creation from innovation to production - 3 customer cases
Timo Heikkinen, Co-Founder and CEO, Top Data Science

4.30-5.05pm Pitches of Rising Finnish AI Startups

  • Harri Santamala, Sensible4
  • Sami Kalliokoski, Aiforsite Oy
  • Otto Söderlund, Speechly
  • Pekka Törmälä, Aiwo Digital Oy
  • Aku Wilenius, Caidio


5.05-5.20pm Break

5.20-5.50pm The current state of AI in the Nordics, digging deeper into tech trends as well as the current use of AI technologies

Digging deeper into tech trends as well as the current use of AI technologies.

Niko Vuokko, Head of Tech at Silo AI
Hanna Hagström, Managing Director at Combient
Liisa Peltonen, General Manager, Surface, Microsoft

The discussion is hosted by Alexander Törnroth from FAIA.

5.50-6.00pm Closing

Outi Keski-Äijö, Business Finland and Harri Paananen, City of Espoo

6.00-7.00pm Cocktails & Networking at Dipoli on-site event

AI Day 2021 program

AI Day is the biggest annual event highlighting the frontrunner AI research in Finland(external link). The event brings together researchers, companies, students and the public sector involved in the fast-developing field of AI. AI Day is organized by Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI and Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society. Check out this year's program below. Onsite talks will also be streamed online.

AI Day on-site in Dipoli

AI Day Online talks

AI Day Poster sessions

ETAIROS side event

The morning event was hosted by ETAIROS (Ethical AI for the Governance of the Society) project funded by The Strategic Research Council. Further information on link).

Safety, Security and AI –research results on the responsible utilisation of artificial intelligence

8.30-8.40am Welcoming words. Introduction to the topic

ETAIROS project in brief as well as goal of the morning event 

Events hosts: Henrikki Salo-Pöntinen, University of Jyväskylä and Nina Rilla, VTT

8.40-9.20am Remarks and findings about ethical use of AI

AI secures the way?  Viewpoints from the development of regulation

How safety can be strengthened in solutions of autonomous driving?
Associate professor Mika Viljanen, University of Turku 

AI supporting security of a mall

How can AI help with the risk prevention of a mall?
Professor Jyrki Nummenmaa, Tampere University 

Is AI a spook?  

Is AI a spook or possibility? How do we feel about AI?
Professor Pertti Saariluoma, University of Jyväskylä 

9.20-9.30am Wrapping up and towards on the upcoming