Extended Essay Day

16.11.2022 14.50Päivitetty: 17.11.2022 10.15
Students sitting in a room listening to an interview.
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Lukiomme IB-linjan uutisia: Extended Essay Day

Whilst 11.11 will remain always first and foremost a day of remembrance after the tragedy of WWI, for us, in Etis, it also marked a happier event: Extended Essay Day! In case this is a new concept to you, let me explain. Diploma students each select a topic in a subject of their choice where they pose – and answer – a question, conducting detailed research and finally submitting a 4000-word response. This is serious research and the greatest single academic challenge to date. Most students rise admirably to the challenge and find themselves being drawn ever deeper into the issues. On EE Day we conduct interviews in front of a live audience, so that everyone gets to hear about it and offer well-earned applause. IB1 students also gain critical insights into the whole process, which they will undergo next year.

We always invite students to share their top tips for the EE. Here are some: “Start early and take time in choosing your topic”, “List you sources properly”, “You may feel hopeless…but you´ll be fine” and “choose something you are passionate about”. All sound advice. Properly handled, there is nothing intimidating about the EE and much that is rewarding. For some, it is the most satisfying part of the diploma experience. In any case, few schools conduct public interviews in this way, or celebrate with a big cake afterwards. We are proud of this tradition but also delighted to see that more and more students from the Finnish side of the Lukio are eager to join the event. The more we perceive Etis as a single community, the more it has to offer everyone within it.

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