IB Regional Conference in the Hague 6-9.10.2022

14.10.2022 12.00
Speech on a national IB conference
IB conference in the HagueKuva: David Crawford

After three Covid years it was a breath of fresh air to meet with colleagues from across the region of Africa, Europe and the Middle East. All together 1600 educators assembled in the World Forum in the bustling town of Hague to share ideas, good practice and learn about cutting edge developments in the world of education. The new Director-General, Mr Olli-Pekka Heinonen, introduced himself and his own life-long commitment to education (ever since becoming the youngest Minister of Education in his home country of Finland aged 29). The Heads and Coordinators from Finland met together to re-appoint the board of the national Association of IB Schools and focus on the significance of recognition (in terms of points) to gain fair access to Finnish universities, where currently no points are accrued in IB subjects like Business Management and Economics. The stress on collaboration was at the heart of the occasion and there were endless opportunities to do exactly this. Just as teachers try to activate engagement in class, so we met, mixed and mingled to exchange views and negotiate where we want to take our schools in the years ahead.

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