30 IB Graduates Celebrate!

30.8.2022 8.56

I must admit that at first I was sceptical. Upon learning that the graduation ceremony would be held in TU-2 the first thing that came to mind was a new design of submarine. But I was assured that the venue for this year´s ceremony, on the Otaniemi campus, would be better than ever. And so it transpired. The spacious lecture hall was all that we could hope for and there was plenty of space for students and their parents to mill around in the minutes before the event began. Not only did we have more musical performances than ever but we also had the greatest number of graduates to share the occasion with their proud teachers, loved ones and both IB2 classes. The hall buzzed with excitement as the graduates placed their hard-won white caps upon their heads amid a storm of flashing cameras. Jimi and Minna spoke movingly about their three Etis years, initially starved of human contact due to Covid. When students could finally attend school and interact with one another there was no looking back. Emma´s video testified as to how strong were the bonds and how active the social life outside the classroom. This was ample evidence to lay to rest the myth that students have to choose between the IB and a social life. Here was a successful, articulate, talented group of young people marking a major milestone in their lives. Guys, it was a pleasure to know you!

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