IB Graduation Ceremony 2021

Julkaistu: 30.8.2021 9.47Päivitetty: 31.8.2021 5.56

In keeping with the dictum that "the show must go on" we were determined to hold a dignified and warm-hearted graduation ceremony in spite of the inevitable restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. Twenty-one graduates assembled in school on Friday 27th August to receive their diplomas in person whilst others were online, each with their white caps ready to don when the Head, Anni Virnes, gave the sign. The whole event was streamed live for the benefit of family members watching at home. Surely everyone enjoyed the piece of music composed, written and performed by graduate students. No one would have been left cold by the lively dance performed by Maria and her father. Krishna´s perfectly cheorographed Indian dance was a joy to behold. Stephanie spoke movingly about what the IB experience meant to the class of 18IB. Veteran teacher David Allen closed the event with well-chosen words about the value of compassion. We may have been wearing masks but behind each mask there was a smile and behind each smile was a flush of pride. We congratulate all graduates and their families from the bottom of our hearts.

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