IB Forest Trip

Julkaistu: 25.8.2021 5.05Päivitetty: 25.8.2021 5.41

After a one year break, we were delighted to return to Pirttimäki, in northern Espoo, to enjoy the fresh country air and get to know the Pre-DP students. Despite a brief shower of rain we were able to stay dry and later enjoy spells of sunshine amid mild temperatures. Tutors kicked off with a game to learn names (by throwing a soft ball at each other!). Later we participated in our own form of “forset olympics” including long jump, frisbee throwing and relay races, with prizes for the winners. Everyone joined in a game of “rounders”, a kind of pesäpallo, using an improvised bat, without paying much attention to the score. Sausages and vegetarian burgers provided much needed nourishment at the end of the afternoon. Tutors deserve a massive vote of thanks for making all of this possible, running events with enthusiasm and good cheer. The forest trip ought to remain a permanent fixture in the Pre-DP calendar, generating group spirit and a sense of inclusiveness, where everyone is welcome and all are equal

Kuva: David Crawford