Contact information for practical training positions

Various City of Espoo workplaces offer study-related practical training and on-the-job learning opportunities. The duration and pay of the practical training period depend on the field of study.

If you are interested in completing your practical training in a City of Espoo unit, please contact the contact person of the unit you are interested in. As a rule, practical training positions for health care and social services students from universities of applied sciences are announced in Jobiili. Early childhood education and school teachers’ practical training periods are coordinated through the students’ educational institutions. Some units announce their practical training positions in Kuntarekry(extrernal link).

Always accompany your application with your CV, description of your goals for the practical training period and information on when you would like to complete your training. E-mail addresses are in the format

Trainee in the social and health care, please answer the quality questionnaire.(extrernal link)


Care and nursing work in elderly and disability services

Health care, rehabilitation and mental health work

Doctors and dentists

Family and social work

Technical sector

Culture and leisure

Administrative work

Länsi-Uusimaa Department for Rescue Services

Other enquiries related to practical training can be submitted to