Lintumetsän koulu

Lintumetsän koulu is a comprehensive school in Espoo next to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The school was founded in 1998. Our mission is to provide students with an all-round education in supportive community. The curriculum emphasizes environmental issues and the natural sciences. Students are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards themselves, others and the environment. The school year is devided into four quarters.

Contact information

Lintumetsän kouluLintumetsäntie 10,02660 Espoo+358 9 8163 6500

Postal address:P.O. Box 3123, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Sirpa Tammisuo +358 46 877 1851

Koulusihteeri Tuire Naski +358 9 8163 6500


Lintumetsän koulu's website

Anna palautetta(external link)

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