Kilonpuiston koulu

Kilonpuiston koulu is a comprehensive school situated near Leppävaara which can be easily reached by public transport. The school offers a safe learning environment and a joint school path for approximate 700 pupils from the first grade to the ninth. Our school has bilingual classes from the first grade to the ninth. The objective is that pupils adopt things in both languages reaching the targets in different subjects in spite of the language in which they study. We have also seven special education classes for autistic children. Kilonpuiston koulu has an emphasis on drama which is implemented in various subjects. There is also a drama-oriented class in Kilonpuisto school to which students can apply in the 6th grade. The drama class studies diverse drama methods through the whole upper school. Pupils are encouraged to use good manners and to be courageous in discovering their own strengths and skills through self-expression.

Contact information

Kilonpuiston kouluKilonpuisto 5,02610 Espoo+358 43 827

Postal address:P.O. Box 3129, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Rehtori Annukka Leutonen +358 40 639 4178

Virka-apulaisrehtori Kati Sippola +358 40 636 8033

Koulusihteeri Johanna Leino +358 43 827 1976

Koulusihteeri Sampsa Tiikkainen

Autisminkirjon oppilaiden aamu- ja iltapäivähoito Hanna Tanskanen +358 50 406 1279


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