Karamzinin koulu

Karamzinin koulu provides education for pupils from seven to thirteen years of age. In addition, we have a kindergarten that children can attend to starting from age six. Karamzinin koulu follows the national curriculum. In addition, we implement the KiVa anti-bullying programme as well as the Finnish Schools on the Move programme that aims to establish a physically active culture in Finnish comprehensive schools. We encourage pupils to be active participants through student council, twinning and different kinds of positions of responsibility. In addition, our pupils can take part in the Eco Club and learn how to protect the environment and to implement sustainability. Karamzinin koulu provides tuition in English starting from year 3 as well as non-mandatory tuition in Swedish, German and Chinese starting from year 4.

Contact information

Karamzinin kouluKulloonmäentie 20,02940 Espoo+358 40 639 4330etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

Postal address:P.O. Box 3505, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Jouni Hörkkö +358 50 354 3566 jouni.horkko@espoo.fi

Apulaisrehtori Leena Mikkola +358 40 553 8389 leena.mikkola@espoo.fi

Koulusihteeri Tiina Stenvall +358 40 639 4330 tiina.stenvall@espoo.fi


Karamzinin koulu`s website

Anna palautetta(external link)

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