Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu

Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu is a comprehensive school. The school community forms a versatile entity that consists of Middle school and special classes. The school has a five period system. The Middle school and the Upper Secondary school has a shared school board. At the Pohjois-Tapiolan koulu, expression skills has been studied since 1962 as an equal subject among other subjects. In all the teaching and other activities of the school, we strive to promote the development of creativity and the joy of learning. Especially our school emphasizes expression skills. There is an expression-oriented class in the school. Our school has over 850 pupils in grades 1-9.

Contact information

Pohjois-Tapiolan kouluSepontie 4,02130 Espoo+358 9 8163 9097

Postal address:P.O. Box 3223, 02070 ESPOO CITY

Contact persons

Principal Kilponen Lassi +358 40 636 6155 etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

Virka-apulaisrehtori Johanna Puhakka +358 43 825 8270 etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

School secretary Tiina Sillander +358 9 8163 9097 etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

School secretary Katri Tuohi +358 40 636 6190 etunimi.sukunimi@espoo.fi

Opinto-ohjaaja Merja Jokela +358 43 827 2881 merja.jokela@opetus.espoo.fi

Opinto-ohjaaja Marjo Salmela-Ojama +358 40 636 9202 marjo.salmela-ojama@opetus.espoo.fi

Terveydenhoitaja Virpi Virsu +358 40 639 3555 ext-virpi2.virsu@espoo.fi


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