Temporary accommodation in school facilities

Temporary accommodation in school facilities is meant for the accommodation of those participating in sports, cultural events and camps taking place in the capital region. The applicant must be a registered association or a public community (eg. school of another municipality). Associations registered in Espoo have the priority of booking. Facilities are not given to private persons, groups or companies.


Temporary accommodation eg. during weekends of school holiday times can be booked from the following schools:

  • Lagstad school
  • Lintumetsä school
  • Matinlahti school
  • Seppo school
  • Tapiola school
  • Opinmäki learning centre: booking requests from the service coordinator tel. +358 43 8266918

The list may change yearly. Accommodation in other schools is agreed case by case


Temporary accommodation requests are processed by Espoo Sports Services. Applications for an accommodation permit must be sent well in advance, no later than 1 month before the desired accommodation date. The application form is found from the bottom of this page. Applications are sent to liikuntapaikkavaraukset@espoo.fi or

Sports Services/Booking Facilities
P.O.Box 34

Please note! The Rescue Department must always be informed about a temporary accommodation no later than 14 days before the event.

Decision and contract

The Director of Sports and Youth Services decides on the accommodation. The accommodation decision includes facilities eg. classrooms, sports facilities and the joint spaces (shower and dressing room, toilets). The decision doesn't include matrasses or other equipment needed for accommodation. A contract is signed between the City of Espoo and the applicant, in which the rules and terms of temporary accommodation are written in more detail. The terms include following the instructions of the Rescue Department, surveillance, tidying up, cleaning etc. Model of the contact document is attached below.

Catering services

Espoo Catering is responsible for the schools' kitchen facilities. These are primarily not given for groups for accommodation. If the applicant wishes to have eg. breakfast service during the accommodation, one must contact directly the city's catering service Espoo Catering tel. +358 50 5664517 or +358 50 4289474.

Accommodation fees

The fee for temporary accommodation is 100 euros/school/accommodation event and 5 euros/person/night. The prices include VAT. If the applicant wishes to book other school facilities, an hourly fee confirmed by Finnish Education anf Early Education Committee will be charged for those. In addition, Espoo Catering will invoice separately for the possible catering services.

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