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Tapiola is a vibrant urban centre full of arts, culture, sports and services. The busy area that opens directly from the Tapiola metro station forms the largest continuous pedestrian centre in Finland. 

Tapiola currently has some 9,700 residents. By 2050, the population is expected to grow to approximately 15,000. 

Tapiola has excellent public transport connections. The metro and bus terminals make Tapiola a busy public transport hub. The Tapiola underground central parking facility is the largest in Finland and serves the residents of Tapiola as well as those visiting the area. The parking facility includes 2,100 parking spaces, some of which are park-and-ride parking spaces. The last part of the parking facility was completed in summer 2021. 

A covered bicycle parking area is located below the Merituulentori Square, next to the Ainoa shopping centre. The bicycle parking area has room for 400 bicycles. The parking area includes direct access to the metro station. 

The development and construction of Tapiola will be continued in the coming years, but the historic garden city will be preserved. The area surrounding the Cultural Centre and the Kulttuuriaukio Square will be restructured to become a more integral part of the Tapiola Centre, but the Central Tower and the pedestrian centre, which represent the architecture of Aarne Ervi, will remain the same also in the future. 

Culture will be even more prominent in Tapiola once the Espoo Cultural Centre has been expanded. A theatre hall will be included in the extension, which will be located on the north side of the Kulttuuriaukio Square. The Exhibition Centre WeeGee has also undergone changes as the Museum Leikki, formerly known as the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä, and the Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery Kruunu moved to new premises near WeeGee. Their old premises at WeeGee are now used as exhibition spaces.

Tapiola Sports Park provides excellent sports and exercise opportunities. The park includes, among other things, sports halls, football fields and a multi-function hall. The Sports Park also has its own metro station. In recent years, a lot of new apartments have been built in Jousenpuisto near the Sports Park metro station and a variety of new services have also sprung up. 

The aim over the next couple of years is to make the Tapiola Centre a more diverse area that provides both excellent commercial services and also key public services. The area will be made more comfortable by adding high-quality pedestrian and bicycle routes and new squares that will make for pleasant gathering places. The existing high-quality public transport terminals and the functional parking and maintenance arrangements that are already in use are an excellent starting point to the changes. 

The greater Tapiola area includes the districts of Tapiola, Haukilahti, Laajalahti, Mankkaa, Niittykumpu, Otaniemi, Northern Tapiola and Westend. 

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