Tapiola – hub of culture, arts and sports

The garden city of Tapiola is a diverse hub of the arts, culture, exercise and services. A large number of new residential buildings have been built in Tapiola, and there are also various new services in the area.

The busy area that opens directly from the Tapiola metro station is the largest continuous pedestrian centre in Finland. The area unites the convenience of city life with nature. Currently Tapiola has some 9,700 inhabitants and is expected to grow to 15,000 by 2050. 

Buildings and the environment will merge housing, leisure, work and services constituting a whole, where everything is close by. Courtyards and gardens continue into the forest environment, rocky forests in their natural state and open grassland parks. Walking and biking trails lead through gardens and yards to the sea shore. 

Tapiola is located in the heart of the metropolitan area and it has excelellent transportation options. The West metro line has strengthened Espoo’s ties to Helsinki. Some 20,000 passengers pass through Tapiola metro station daily. The metro station is connected to all Tapiola’s services. The new bus terminal at the metro station was opened in March 2019. 

Distance from Helsinki Central Railway Station to Tapiola is 14 minutes by metro. 

Jokeri Light Rail line is being built between Itäkeskus in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo. It will increase the reliability, capacity and passenger comfort of transverse public transport. 

Tapiola is bordered in the east by Ring Road I and in the north by the Turku motorway.  

Culture is an integral part of Tapiola. It will gain even more visibility in in the future as the extension of the Espoo Cultural Center will be built. Espoo is planning a new performance hall for the Cultural Centre in Tapiola. The new performance hall will replace Revontulihalli currently used by Espoo City Theatre. 

Although development and construction will continue in Tapiola in the coming years, its historical profile as a garden city will be preserved.

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Tuultenristi residential buildings in Tapiola.Photo: YIT Suomi Oy

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