Ohjaamotalo - One-Stop Guidance Centre for young people

Hello, all young Espoo residents under the age of 30! More than 60 different professionals work in the Ohjaamotalo to support and guide you. Behind one door you will find help for your different needs and life situations. The Ohjaamotalo offers both individual guidance and targeted group activities. The Ohjaamotalo mainly operates in Leppävaara, Espoo, but the service is also available online and by appointment in Iso Omena. You can get information and help from the Ohjaamotalo - study opportunities - working life, job search and livelihood - housing, daily management and well-being - leisure opportunities The easiest way to access our services is to contact the Startpoint. The Startpoint is in Leppävaara Mon-Fri. You can also contact us on social media, by phone and on Discord. At the Startpoint, you can do business anonymously if you wish. All our services are voluntary and free for you.