Photo: Esbo stad.

Complementary construction in Soukka

Land use reviews

Land use reviews are visions or plans for a specific area. The goal of the City is to improve the city structure and make land use more efficient close to good public transport connections. The metro will start operating in the area in 2023, which will further improve Soukka’s accessibility. There are multiple individual planning projects underway for the area. A general plan will be prepared for the development of the urban structure, which will support the progress of individual plans and town plans and aid in assessing the impact of the plans. Landowners, local residents and other stakeholders will be invited to work on the general plan. The complementary construction reviews will function as the initial data for the area’s planning.

Mervi Hokkanen

Area Architect, Detailed planning043 824 6862Tekniikantie 15, Otaniemi