Storing association information in the grant system

An online banking ID or mobile certificate is required for authentication

When logging in for the first time, the basic information of the registered association and the personal information of the responsible persons are stored in the system, the rules of the association and the information of the board are attached.

The association is responsible for the accuracy of the information and for updating the information in the future.
For example, the current representatives of the association have to take care of adding new responsible persons to the system before leaving their positions.

The basic information is the same as that given in the Register of Associations of the National Board of Patents and Registration. You can check the information in the PRH's register of associations(external link)

Required information:

  • the official name of the association
  • association registration number (business ID)
  • Association Registration Date
  • domicile and address of the association
  • the official e-mail address of the association
  • association bank account number (starting with FI)
  • the association's area of operation in Espoo

Number of signatories according to the rules of the association (1 or 2)

Persons in charge of the association (chairman and other signatories)

  • name
  • personal identification number
  • telephone number
  • email address

Attachments in pdf format:

  • rules of the association
  • information on the board of the association (eg memorandum of the inaugural meeting)