Northern Espoo

Get to know Northern Espoo

Northern Espoo as one of the greater areas of Espoo includes the districts of Bodom, Kalajärvi, Kunnarla, Lahnus, Lakisto, Luukki, Niipperi, Perusmäki, Röylä, Vanhakartano and Velskola.

Housing mostly consist of detached houses and is found in the districts of Järvenperä, Niipperi and Kalajärvi. The other parts of Northern Espoo mainly comprise of small villages and the Nuuksio wilderness area.

From the viewpoint of the Espoo Story – the strategy of the City of Espoo – the northern parts of the city are highly important as they enable detached housing in a natural environment while the residents still have services within easy reach. There is a development project that would bring a lot of new residents to Northern Espoo. Read more about the master plan for the northern and central areas of Espoo.

Northern Espoo for example includes several lakes, versatile hiking routes, golf courses and the Serena Waterpark, the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. The Nuuksio National Park(external link) offers marked trails and pathways for those who wish to enjoy the great outdoors.

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