Raide-Jokeri to increase Espoo's appeal

11.9.2023 11.17

The Raide-Jokeri light rail line has further accelerated the development of Keilaniemi, Otaniemi and Leppävaara. The light rail line project has increased housing and workplace construction and services along the track, and construction is continuing to grow.

The last stop of the light rail line 15 in Espoo is located in Keilaniemi.Photo: Espoon kaupunki

The new light rail connection from Keilaniemi in Espoo to Itäkeskus in Helsinki will connect Keilaniemi, Otaniemi and Leppävaara, which are Espoo's most important workplaces in the technology sector. 

The location of Keilaniemi and Otaniemi along both the metro and the light rail line has had a significant impact on the development of the areas. Keilaniemi is known for its offices and the head offices of large companies, but the area is becoming a vibrant and unique maritime residential and office area with hotels. Otaniemi is also undergoing a facelift and its population is growing. 

"Raide-Jokeri will extend the growth development brought about by the metro in Espoo. Espoo's network-like urban structure of five urban centres relies heavily on rail transport, which is significantly reinforced by the new light rail line that crosses through Espoo. The light rail line will serve as a crosstown link between work and study places and residential areas, trains and the metro," says Olli Isotalo, Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment. 

Espoo, and in particular the Otaniemi and Keilaniemi areas, act as drivers of Finland's economic growth. Nearly 50 per cent of the Helsinki Stock Exchange’s turnover comes from Espoo-based companies. 

"Otaniemi and Keilaniemi are world-class innovation clusters, and the innovations created here support sustainable growth throughout Finland and thus the wellbeing in the future. The light rail line will improve the accessibility and competitiveness of companies in Keilaniemi as well as the scientific community at Aalto University and in Otaniemi," says Mayor Jukka Mäkelä

The light rail line will attract new companies and investments to Espoo. In Keilaniemi there are many construction projects underway including office and residential towers and a hotel. Housing construction will bring about new services and make the entire area more vibrant. 

On Alberganesplanadi in Leppävaara, the light rail tracks were built in the middle of an existing urban environment. This photo was taken in June 2022. Photo: Raide-Jokeri

Records have been broken in construction

In Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, the light rail line is linked to the metro. In Leppävaara, the light rail line is linked to the City Rail Link and its future extension as well as the long-distance railway network. 

Leppävaara is a significant commercial hub, and Raide-Jokeri is expected to further increase its attractiveness. Construction in Leppävaara has grown dramatically after the decision was made to build the light rail line June 2016. 

In Vermonniitty, Perkkaa, construction records have been broken time and time again. The light rail line is the primary factor driving the construction of the new Vermonniitty residential area. 

The light rail line has also contributed to the construction of Hatsinanpuisto park in Perkkaa near Leppävaara. Hatsinanpuisto park will be mainly made up of office buildings, but there’s also a hotel project, business space, services and housing in the works. The light rail line will also be an important factor for Vermo racing track, as it will make it possible to arrange large events. 

The light rail line will also shape the cityscape. Trams have been known to be a mode of transport in the city centre. The light rail line will make Espoo more urban. 

12 stops in Espoo 

"The construction of Raide-Jokeri has progressed smoothly, and construction in Espoo was completed slightly ahead of schedule. The alliance model based on agreements between different parties and close cooperation has worked well in this enormous and demanding light rail line project," says Harri Tanska, Public Works Director. 

In Espoo, there are 12 stops for the number 15 tram. When it starts operating, the light rail line will replace current trunk bus line 550. Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) aims to make a decision on the start date of light rail line operations during September. We are prepared to kick start passenger transport on the newly built section of the route in autumn 2023. At the latest, the light rail line will begin to operate next year. 

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