Matinkylä swimming pool to be closed for two months due to maintenance work

15.9.2023 10.19

Matinkylä swimming pool will be closed for November and December (1.11.-31.12.2023) due to the maintenance of the steel pools. During the maintenance break, the pools will be emptied, inspected, repaired if necessary and then refilled.

Later in the autumn, we will provide more detailed information on the maintenance schedule and the impact of the work on other services in the building, such as the gym.

Due to warranty issues, we have to carry out the maintenance work on the steel pools at the end of this year. In the future, our aim is to carry out swimming pool maintenance work during summer breaks.

During this year’s summer maintenance break, other warranty-related repairs were carried out in the swimming pool building. This included repairs on the saunas, shower rooms and heat recovery system. The Matinkylä swimming pool was completed in the winter of 2022.



Maija Lehtinen, Managing Director, Premises Department,
Ari Jaakkola, Swimming Pool Specialist, Sports and Exercise Unit,