Temporary routes in Tapiola

12.5.2023 7.34Updated: 12.5.2023 8.13
Map and temporary routes.
Temporary routes from the southern side of Itätuulentie to the centre of Tapiola.

The temporary bridges between Merituulentie and Itätuulenkuja were closed on the morning of Friday 12 May 2023.

You can access level U on Helmakuja by taking the route via Tuulimäki. You can take the elevator from level U to the bus stop, metro station and the Ainoa shopping centre. The route is not accessible.

Accessible routes run via Leimuniitty or alternatively via the Tykkitie underpass.

The closed routes will be reopened once their safety has been ensured.

We apologise for the inconvenience!